Watch: Welcome to Noisey Atlanta (Trailer)

Rap music is no longer a battle of the coasts, and it hasn’t been for some time now. The South has been leading the charge and setting the bar for what the genre sounds like for the past decade and some change. This changing of the guards hasn’t been as smooth as it could be, mainly due to Hiphop purists being reluctant in giving the South it’s props.

Purists argue that trap beats have no soul, the subject matter is predictable and the content is plain irresponsible but personally, and this is coming from a critical rap listener that enjoys Slug and Atmosphere time to time, y’all fucking up. The music coming out of the South resonates for a reason and if you’re not with it, your finger isn’t on the pulse of the culture.

Noisey is back with another documentary series highlighting the sound and culture stemming from Atlanta, Georgia, following their popular series with the same format focusing on Chiraq.

Peep the trailer above in order to entice your palate for the upcoming 10-episode series based in the ATL. If done right, I believe this will enlighten viewers on how Young Thug is a musical instrument more than a rapper (which is amazing), how Migos is infectious in a way that can’t be taught, only understood, and how there’s absolute magic in Gucci Mane’s songwriting that you just won’t get if you’s a lame.

Wait for the release of the first episode on January 13th.


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