Why Bill O’Reilly Wanting Black People To Be More Asian Doesn’t Work

Nothing Bill O’Reilly or Fox News says should offend you anymore. He’s a troll and we don’t feed trolls. He has a position to play and he plays it well and that should just encourage you to play your position better. Here in this clip of Bill speaking with Megyn Kelly about white privilege and arguing that it doesn’t exist:

Megyn Kelly is usually a jerk that swears up and down that Santa and Jesus are white but even she can’t deny the inherit benefit there is to being white. Bill being Bill argues that everyone has the same chances and opportunities as everyone else, which I think is actually true, but there are stigmas placed in society that create different dynamics in these chances and opportunities.

O’Reilly does not sympathize with the black community as he goes on to make the comparison that “The Asian American community is not a troubled situation. As everybody knows, their academics are better than whites. They have language to overcome while black Americans don’t. It all comes down to families, culture, personal responsibility.” This is such a blanket statement that O’Reilly uses it to cuddle with during long winters as he looks out the window to enjoy how white snow is.

Yes, when you lump Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Laotian, Cambodian, Thai, Filipino, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Singaporean, and every other hyphenated Asian American together we have a highest average household income in the country. The issue lies in the vast difference between certain Asian cultures that we do not seem to recognize in these statistics.

Really, no Asian should care if someone doesn’t know, right off the bat, what specific ethnicity you are. Asians sometimes have the ability to point out which Asian someone is but even we fuck that up sometimes so you can’t assume that anybody just know. Asking someone their ethnicity is cool. Assuming someone is Chinese because every Asian you’ve seen on TV is Chinese, is not.

People outside of this might think Asians are being sensitive but, yo, these are completely different countries with completely different histories and cultures. I make this point because there is a clear divide and an immense gap between which Asian cultures have succeeded in America and which have not in the financial and educational sense and there are historical reasons for that which can not be ignored.

The Chinese and Japanese have been immigrants in America the longest but have definitely faced discrimination along the way in the form of slave labor and internment camps. Asian immigration into the United States only became legal in 1965. Even then there could only be a certain amount of immigrants from certain countries and the process was heavily regulated.

Tina Nguyen describes Asian American diaspora with perfect poignance when she says “For every Indian accountant who saved up money to immigrate to America — likely with a cushy job waiting for them at the other end by a company that sponsored their green card — there was a Cambodian refugee, fleeing from the promises of certain death with nothing but the clothes on their backs. For every Taiwanese expat with a college degree and fluency in English, there was a Hmong refugee from rural Laos. For every South Korean who came here with some investment money and business partners, to start a business and send their kids to college, there were at least two terrified Vietnamese refugees who had lost everything they’d known, had no idea what was going to happen to them”.

The facts don’t lie. Many South Asian American immigrants came to this country to flee persecution. This could include Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong, and Cambodian communities. According to Census data these Asian communities have college graduation rates significantly less than the black American community.

So what skews these numbers and makes the statistics show that Asians are doing that much better? One explanation for AA household income being higher is that more people live in an AA household. NBC reports that AA homes average 3.02 people living in the home opposed to 2.46 people living in white homes. Also, Asian Americans are heavily populated in the 4 most expensive states in America which include New York, California, New Jersey, and Hawaii. People in general are making more money in those states anyway, not just Asians.

So Bill, chill with using Asian Americans as your model minority and your scapegoat. Yes, many Asian Americans were able to flourish in this country and it helps that many were blessed to have a healthy upbringing and were given encouragement to succeed but that is a product of fortunate circumstances. It can not be swept under the rug that misfortunate circumstances do exist and that many Asian Americans have dealt with these disadvantages in equal parts.


Acting accordingly, just not according to you.

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