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Why is it Shocking that Positive Statistics About Black Men Exist?

The NAACP released a short and sweet video highlighting positive statistics about black men.  The video features a handful of men of color, all different ages, spouting out statistics that many Americans are probably unaware of. Society is so quick to throw out negative stereotypes about black men, and they could care less about the negative effects that are projected on young black boys. The NAACP is making steps to change that with their 30- second video, “Statistic”.

Someone finally stepped up and created a subtle, visual message that counters all of the negativity that’s constantly hurled at people of color through the media. For hundreds of years, our American society has used tools to reinforce the message that brown skin is less-than, not-equal-to or not good enough than the majority. We’re so inundated with gun-toting, weed smoking, teenage parenting, uneducated stereotypes on the big screen that some youth, the unfortunate demographic, have internalized the images or have succumbed to it by allowing it to be a barometer for acceptance.

Subconscious messaging of Black inferiority is a jagged chain that our youth need to break through.

Videos like NAACP’s “Statistic” are a positive move in the right direction. We need more ad agencies that perpetuate factual, positive imagery to our black youth. Visuals like the one above are a much-needed, beautiful inspiration for young men who are simultaneously shamed and held to a lower societal standard.  The younger generations are much more than their negative portrayals and the conditions they’re trying to escape and create.


article by Blaire Monroe


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