Wilkine Brutus Discuss “Be Alright” Scholarship on the Karen Hunter Show (SiriusXM)

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and bestselling author/publisher Karen Hunter invited OogeeWoogee on her SiriusXM show a few months ago. We were extremely honored to be invited on a show that advocates social and economic empowerment.

We discussed our “Be Alright” College Scholarship which made the headlines at the time.

The show producers were allowed to share just two clips from our 1-hour appearance on the Karen Hunter show.

In the first clip, we discussed the need to place more emphasis on creating a tangible impact in the community instead of spending so much time talking about structural issues (i.e. broken windows, respectability politics, prison industrial complex, etc). It’s a chess game that requires strategic movements:

In the second clip, we talked a little more about Hip Hop’s literary merit and why it’s important for millennials to challenge themselves and be introspective:

The Karen Hunter Show (4-6pm) channels 121 & 126

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2. Karen Hunter’s show is on the Urbanview channel: Click Here!
What you’ll most likely hear from the Urbanview channel:

“Conversation, information, inspiration, empowerment, motivation and companionship from the African-American perspective.”


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