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Afro-Latino Festival 2015: Celebrate “Afrolatinidad”

“The Festival will take NYC by storm to AFFIRM, EDUCATE and CELEBRATE Afrolatino cultures.” Art, hard and soft sciences, music, film, business, law–the world can no longer ignore the massive contributions by the AfroLatinidad community: The third edition of The Afro-Latino Festival of New York kicks off this Friday, July 10th to Sunday, July 12th. The multi-location,…


Yacht Jaunt: Ultimate 4th of July Escapism

I was a Floridian celebrating 4th of July in the nation’s first capital, Philadelphia–partying with Philadelphians; A few cups of that cranberry and vodka made this What Scene  yacht party seem like a never-ending fantasy. For me, it was a night of surreal observation: I enjoyed the escapism, but I also kept Juneteenth in mind, and how national pride and…


Slumber Party Art Show with Philly Urban Creators

“Urban Creators: Educate, Energize, Empower, Unite” We cultivate our human relationships like plants; we create culture; we navigate spirituality; we shape community, and we’re bound to each other as we develop ways to sustain that interconnectedness. So when I was invited to the all-female Slumber Party art show, which was held two days before the 4th of July celebrations, I…

Ketel One Hosts The VIP Red Carpet Suite At The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards In New York

Body Slamming Queer Blackness: Matt Cage, Darren Young and the WWE

The month of June was quite eventful for black lives in the United States of America. In the stretch of two weeks, a media circus surrounded the warped racial identity and blackface bathos of Rachel Dolezal, which has sparked debates around the politics of self-expression and persona transmogrification. During that timeframe, 21-year-old white supremacist Dylann…

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