Daily Archives: January 22, 2016

Macklemore’s New Song Addresses White Privilege from All Angles

As the ever-buzzing internet has probably told you, Macklemore just released a sequel to his 2005 track “White Privilege,” and it’s definitely got people talking. The response is predictably mixed, with some applauding the rapper for speaking out regarding the titular topic, speaking on external and internal issues relating to it, but there have also been…

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Hip-Hop Helps As Flint Flonders

Lawmakers in Michigan have been scrambling to cover their asses. Citizens of Flint are covered in rashes, losing their hair. And rappers everywhere are stepping up to give back to the community. Meek Mill and 50 Cent got into a back and forth over tracks and their respective Instagram accounts, but when challenged by fans…

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Puerto Rican dancer Megan Curet Discuss “Rally For Red: “Take Back the Night”

Hailing from New York’s boogie down Bronx, globetrotting dancer-choreographer Megan Curet returns to her hometown, conveying her truth via modern dance with the Curet Performance Project. Collaborating with Israeli jazz musician Idan Morim and bluelight, a music project based out of Akron, OH, the first generation Puerto Rican dance-maker has made quite a name for…

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