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OogeeWoogee is a global multimedia outlet with an emphasis on Hip Hop and counterculture, and how those two intersect with society and current affairs. This golden age of the internet & technology has presented us with a platform that allows us to define and redefine ourselves, cultivate our own voice, and oppose the interests of corporate entities. We were created for the community, by the community. We speak from our hearts and welcome the consequences. We represent every side to every situation. We understand that the solutions to society’s problems are not easily found but we find solace in the fact that these solutions are out there, and we want to be in the forefront of the search. We are not influenced by popular opinion: Whether it’s good news or bad news, when we tell it… it’s not their news.

We are the soldiers in the ongoing battle between corporate interest and the best interests of the Hip Hop community. Wall Street will not continue to inflict their harmful values on us. Our aim is to serve the underserved and provide a megaphone for this culture that is losing its voice from screaming on deaf ears. Where the modern day media falls short is right where we begin. We provide perspectives from every angle. We shed light on the positivity, intelligence and beauty that Hip Hop projects around the world. We understand that Hip Hop is not just music, it’s a global lifestyle. It’s the way we speak, the way we walk, the way we dress, and the way we conduct ourselves. That’s why we’ve created a platform that accepts, strengthens, and empowers communities around the world, where all colors and creeds have a place to speak and a space to listen.

The media is in a state of emergency. The news is no longer about creating dialogue, unity and understanding within society; it sells drama, craves ratings and designs toxic structural norms. It has become a tool that is used to brainwash the masses rather than educate them. It is essential that we counteract that with a platform that embraces the acceptance of diversity and originality before the empathy gap becomes too wide to bridge. We are that platform.

Counterculture is now popular culture and where others may undermine that, we understand. In a world where we are talked at rather than talked to, we strive to be multifaceted in our approach of connecting these cultures. There are so many voices that go unheard in our society because the media picks and chooses their representations of humanity instead of letting the people speak for themselves. OogeeWoogee is us… speaking.

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