An Open Letter to Geraldo, Bill O’Reilly, Morning Joe, and Those who Blame Hiphop

To Geraldo Rivera, Bill O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, and anybody else who blames Hiphop for America’s ills:

Where are your pitchforks aimed at Ryan Giroux‘s iPod? Where are the panels discussing Adam Lanza‘s affinity for khakis and how they fit the profile of a mass murderer? I have yet to see James Holmes‘ record collection brought in as evidence for his trial. Why are you not asking what Elliot Rodger was streaming through the aux cord in that infamous BMW?

You are not asking because you tell us that White crime is the overflow of ‘mental illness’ while Black crime is the circumstance of ‘monkey see, monkey do.’ Fuck that.

Geraldo, you criticize Hiphop and accredit this culture for doing more damage to Black people than racism. How could you ever know that without being a part of either community or the understanding of Hiphop? I don’t necessarily understand your mustache (which makes you look like a silent film villain on his way to tie a woman to train tracks) but I don’t blame it for you lying about being in an Afghan war zone in 2001. I don’t assume every dated mustached man exploits the tragedy of American soldiers’ deaths for his personal gains. I mean, Bill O’Reilly didn’t need a mustache to do similar.

Bill, I have read that you’re a fan of Luther Vandross. However, your actions of lying to the public about being in a combat situation in the Falklands War of 1982 in Argentina wasn’t very Vandross of you. How come listening to Luther didn’t inspire you to promise to love your audience faithfully, here and now or ever? You’re also a Beatles fan, as many of us are. This Falklands War fiasco would be a good time for you to ask for help but you’re too arrogant to ask and instead you try to cover your tracks. You just couldn’t let it be, could you? Maybe music isn’t as brainwashing as it should be.

Joe… oh, Joe. Your morning show recently tackled the controversy surrounding the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and their exuberant racist chant. On Morning Joe, a group of 5 White, middle-aged, “liberals” sat around a desk and attempted to set the rules of when and where the ‘n-word’ is appropriate. The general consensus at the privileged roundtable was that it is never appropriate, which sounds like the politically correct answer, however, the actual correct answer would be to shut the fuck up. You are absolutely outside of the culture, therefore, do not get a say in the matter. There’s a reason Australia didn’t get a chance to vote for Obama. Australia would not fully understand the politics and nuances of the ongoings of the USA from the outside looking in, and more importantly, would not be affected nearly in the same way as America would by the outcome of the election. Much like how White people trying to construct the guidelines of Black culture doesn’t make any sense or any progress because they do not fully feel or get affected by Black issues. Stick to covering up dead bodies of interns in your office, Joe.

We could speak about how high school and elementary school shootings are carried out by White males 90% of the time but that doesn’t tell the whole story. And pinning the blame on what these murderers listen to or what they wear is actually framing the innocent and letting the guilty, systemic, deeply rooted, source of these issues roam free and fester. We could also look at the countless allegations of Catholic priests sexually abusing innocent children and blame it on tall hats, but would we? No. The problem essentially spawns from the nature of the religion to have these priests abstain from sex with women, which in turn, creates a flawed justification of touching boys in these men’s minds. The more we point at arbitrary reasonings for the sicknesses we have in America, in all of our communities, the more we ignore the real issues.

I’ll end this letter by daring any of you, Geraldo, Bill, Joe, or the like, to explain to me where your community’s ills stem from. Will you be to scanning their iTunes playlists? Why are you searching ours? Let us know.



Illustration by Michael White.


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