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We preserve the culture of Hip Hop by cultivating and sustaining relationships with cultural producers- the relentless makers of multidimensional art. It’s why we rocked with What Scene? for their Yacht Jaunt event, and why we’re also teaming up with Rec Philly again (See SXSW post) by featuring their Rec Sessions.

And yes, the artists will be invited to our multimedia studio very soon—it’s all part of a Pinky in the Brain plot to take over the world. And right now, Philly is crafting a great game plan.

In this installment, Armani White, the West Philly phenom, spits a few bars about adding new excitement to the rap game by sustaining its youthful exuberance. Armani is perhaps best known for his remix collaboration with TroiBoy, Timbaland’s protégé, for the song “Do You,” which rest comfortably at around 741,972 plays on Soundcloud.

Check out his flow above and tell us who he sounds like. For me, his voice sounds like a mixture between B.O.B and Chance the Rapper, but with an obvious fast, multisyllabic style, and packed with a lot more brilliant lyricism. Are we wrong? Let us know.


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