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Asian Guys Aren’t Cool Enough for TV

When news broke that Nickelodeon would be producing a musical sitcom centered around teens in a K-Pop inspired band, the initial reaction was relatively positive and optimistic. Asian-American representation has been making leaps and bounds in modern media with the help of Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and Eddie Huang of Fresh Off the Boat, just to name a…

Chops tight

Chops Paved the Way for Asian-American Hiphop Before That Was a Thing

I’ve ran into Chops at a variety of functions in recent years; they range from shows where I was performing to parties that he was DJing; from local arts initiatives focused on creating platforms for the unseen to be seen, to dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, where he’s enjoying quality time with his family. Where ever it may be, whenever I find myself…

A Spoken Word Piece About the Language Barrier: “Maybe Asians are Known to be Good at Math Because That’s the Only Homework Our Parents Could Help us With”

Being the first generation born to immigrant parents in America is a singular experience for numerous reasons. Immigrants purposely detached themselves from the comforts of a country that housed their history and heritage, as well as their personal upbringing, to be tossed into a foreign land that sang promises of freedom and a home for the brave. However, in America, that…

Watch These Guys Attend a Trump Rally to be Greeted With “This is Our Time. We Didn’t Invite You.”

Donald J. Trump’s name has been both exalted and dragged through the mud. In popular culture today, it’s tough to think of anyone more polarizing. Personally, it has been hard to gauge how the election year will pan out because everything in politics recently seems so binary, which can be problematic. However, being a minority millennial, I…


A Russian Man Faces a Year in Jail For Saying God Doesn’t Exist on Social Media

Russian punk band Pussy Riot performed a song that criticized Vladimir Putin in a Catholic Cathedral back in 2012 and instantly became martyrs in the name of free speech and democracy as they were jailed for “offending believer’s feelings,” which became an actual enforced law in Russia after that specific incident. Viktor Krasnov is now being persecuted…

5 Points: Michael Eric Dyson’s Breakfast Club Interview

Breakfast Club interviews are one the most intriguing platforms we have in Hip Hop culture today. One could argue that the morning talk radio show triple handedly (Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy) took down the powerhouse that was Hot 97. They’ve interviewed the likes of Jay Z to Martin Shkreli and many in between….

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