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As long as history was marked historical, anthropologists and archaeologists found relics and proof of Richard D. Balls existence. For the last several decades governments from around the world (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, etc.) have been trying to track Mr. Ball’s whereabouts, for reasons unknown.

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Joe Scarborough Licks Trump’s Balls For His Foreign Policy War with China

The redneck is back at it again. Not only does “Morning Joe” promotes the silence and complacency of Mika Brzezinski, an obvious attempt to silence liberalism and fact-based journalism in favor of corporate ratings and right-wing pandering, he is going against the fact that “a Trump presidency would be as bad for the world’s economy as Islamist militancy.” That’s a global…

Heil Trumpler? The Donald’s Nazi Influences

On a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the 60-year-old comedian put an satirical, but brutally accurate spin on the idea that presidential demagogue Donald Trump has pulled inspiration for many of his speeches from the most infamous dictator in all of history, Adolf Hitler. The rumors may have some truth to it, as a…

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The Man Who Got Lost in a Reality Show and Took America with Him

American politics, with its violent rallies and media spin, is the greatest circus show in the world. Its authoritarian carnival barker and redneck emperor, Donald Trump, has turned it into his very own Rome-inspired reality show. The fall of America, however, will be determined by the way a dying white middle class interprets their own manufactured fears….

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