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Content Director at OogeeWoogee. I'm a nomad; I like to engage in cross-cultures experiences---I'm a wanderlust, eating pancakes everywhere I go.


A Look Back at Afro-Latino Identity

The Afro-Latino festival in New York City, its 4th edition, is almost here (July 8th-10th). Let’s take a look back at our recap of the brilliant 3rd edition. The annual festival is committed to affirm, educate, and celebrate Afrolatinidad. This is part 1 of our 3-part video series highlighting the social relevancy of Afro-Latinos. In…


President Obama and Derek Jeter Talk Retirement and Inspiration

President Barack Obama snuck a few jokes in during his casual meeting with baseball legend Derek Jeter, founding publisher of the The Players’ Tribune. The Roosevelt Room at the White House was filled with genuine admiration for each other. Retirement and life inspiration was the central theme–the interview was divided into short, introspective segments: “Childhood,” “Strength,” “Advice…

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Watch This: “The Diaspora Journal” of Ethiopia | Trailer

“To Americans, I wasn’t American enough. To Africans, I wasn’t African enough.” -Nathan Araya There is a reason why the hyphen exist. Identity is fluid–every attempt to define oneself in a foreign space garners an overwhelming amount of introspection. OogeeWoogee’s “Diaspora Through Dining,” a Haitian/Korean series, discussed the ongoing process of assimilation into that foreign…

Michael Sandford

A Hot, Deadly Summer for the Trump Campaign

Everyone is still looking ahead to the dystopian blockbusters of 2016. The most anticipated movies feature supervillains who are more than capable of destroying the world, unless their weaknesses gets exposed or they’re prone to self-destruction. And since Donald Trump, an American supervillian, is factually bad for the world economy and democratic civility, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that terrified…

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Anton Yelchin and the Fear of Death

In a freak accident, a friend found Anton Yelchin, the young  “Star Trek Beyond” actor on his inclined driveway pinned between his car and a brick mailbox pillar. There were no foul play suspected in his death. The up-and-coming actor was best known for his roles in “Alpha Dog,” “Like Crazy” “Charlie Bartlett,” and “Green Room.”…

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