DFD x EPTM Will Debut a Capsule Collection Inspired by the True American Story

Above you can see the video lookbook for the collaborative capsule collection between rapper/actor/and now style guy Dumbfoundead and LA streetwear brand EPTM. DFD goes on the say about the collection:

Growing up, I remember sitting in the living room with my mom as she folded up laundry, patiently waiting through the last bit of Russian programming before its transition into Korean. Channel 18 was the local TV station that all the minorities shared, divided up into multiple hour blocks bringing news and entertainment from back home. At the time, I just wanted to watch my Simpsons and Fresh Prince like the rest of America’s youth. But in hindsight, I can appreciate the sense of belonging it gave my family and the constant reminder that we as a community only made up one part of LA. I could even see it with the TV off, walking down the street or cruising down the boulevard, everybody awaiting their turn. Stay tuned.


All around this nation that was built by immigrants, it might not have been specifically the 18th channel on your TV dial, but there was a “Channel 18” programmed and designed to entertain a demographic of those same immigrants who didn’t necessarily resonate with the Tanners or Winslows.


The children who were born of these immigrants were forced to be on standby as they waited for that specific window of programming geared towards their specific ethnicity to end. In hindsight, we soaked in the imagery and aesthetic of that programming more than we thought.


Stay tuned to Channel 18 and cop the collection on the 18th of this month if you with it.


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