Does Omarosa Deserve to be Heard by the Black Community?

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has been warning America about the President since her departure from the administration. It’s just that no one is really listening.

Omarosa is a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, which started airing on February 7, 2018, and on several accounts has been tearfully revealing snippets of what Trump’s White House was really like and that we should all be very worried. It’s yet another indication of how out of touch (and opportunistic) she can be. There is no shortage of people voicing their concerns, online and offline, as to how deeply in trouble this country is, and yet, it’s the first statement that she chose to make. Trying to save face and denounce the current administration is a little too late.

Any nugget of truth that may come from Omarosa’s mouth is totally obscured by her general and persistent unreliability of being someone who stands up for what is right (she doesn’t) and speaks the truth (she won’t) without throwing someone else under the bus (which she does regularly).

In case Omarosa hasn’t gotten the memo, Black America isn’t having it. Meme after meme is posted, reposted, liked, shared, and retweeted with a number of exaggerated eyerolls, over the top “shocked” faces, and pervasive “Girl Bye” sentiments.

Omarosa has had over a decade since the first season of The Apprentice to distance herself from harmful behavior and compromising people to restore some kind of faith in the Black community about her intentions and steps she will take to move forward. None has born edible fruit, despite being an ordained minister and a trained journalist. Comprehensive truth, honesty, and humility are not terms that she is intimately familiar with, and it shows in how Black America and Black Twitter respond to her shenanigans and newly-vocal concerns.

Even if now is the time that Omarosa chose to tell the truth, come clean, or rebuke bad theatrics and divisive tactics, it’s not likely to be heard. Much like the fate of many television shows, she’s been canceled.


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