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Watch This: “The Diaspora Journal” of Ethiopia | Trailer

“To Americans, I wasn’t American enough. To Africans, I wasn’t African enough.” -Nathan Araya There is a reason why the hyphen exist. Identity is fluid–every attempt to define oneself in a foreign space garners an overwhelming amount of introspection. OogeeWoogee’s “Diaspora Through Dining,” a Haitian/Korean series, discussed the ongoing process of assimilation into that foreign…

“Under the Influence” Explores Early Hip Hop Contributions in the UK

We’re two nations divided by a common Hip Hop language; UK’s slangs, accents, speech patterns, and pop culture references are still uncommon to the average American ear. I got my first experience of UK Hip Hop during my 2002 visit to Wimbledon. Yep. Wimbledon! A few black kids were freestyling in the park. I realized,…

100 Years of Korean Beauty Shows the Politics of Division in One Minute

A few months ago, we explored body image in the Asian community. Julianna Haahs’s story was a piercing indictment on the unrealistic Korean beauty standards; and our exclusive interview with Korea’s first plus-size model demonstrated the evolution of social and personal acceptance. The perception of beauty is often times defined by cultural boundaries. But what does beauty…

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