Juneteenth: Black Humanity in An Intimate Setting

The past week ended quite bleak but the strong souls of black folk managed to provide African-Americans enough strength and defiance to attend the same Emanuel A.M.E. Church yesterday, Sunday, a few days after experiencing a deadly domestic terror attack that killed nine innocent people.

We celebrated Juneteenth in a very intimate setting on Friday, June 19th, expressing all of our frustrations with the American capitalistic structure, literature, education, white supremacy, black accountability and leadership, black triumphs and history, property and intellectual ownership, and the generational divide between internet savvy millennials and those who refuse or are unable to connect.


It was a historical few days of pain and irony. We celebrated Juneteenth in Philadelphia, the nations first capital, with Anthony Monteiro (W.E.B Dubois Scholar) and a two of the Cecil B.Moore Philadelphia Freedom Fighters.
The event was organized by Miranda Alexander and hosted by Lamya Brossard.


We also performed songs that uplifted all freedom fighters, the drumbeat of the movements, and the soundtracks of freedom.


We discussed the bright future of technology, and how people who aren’t connected risk being detached from the new social movements: Human evolution and revolution will be televised on handheld devices.


We discussed the historic Girard College protest  that occurred in the mid-1960s, and the ways in which local, city politics shape black neighborhoods and school systems.


One guy said he didn’t have hope anymore—no hope for black progress. The recent racial and socioeconomic issues took too much out of him. But we challenged his assertion that there isn’t hope. One shouldn’t conflate frustration with the lack of hope. We told him that hope is driven by collective hard work and grit, which determines social progress.

The overall message:

“Let’s Stop Complaining and Start Building”


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