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Field of Vision – Concerned Student 1950

If you’ve already seen OogeeWoogee’s short investigative video “College Protest & The Solidarity Movement,” you’ll love this short film about how it all began. Adam Dietrich, Varun Bajaj and Kellan Marvin takes us deep inside in the inner-workings of student organizations and what led to the protest. “A series of racist acts prompts three Mizzou…

50 Shades of Latino + America Ferrera & Eva Longoria Jabs at Subtle Racism

You must remind the dominant culture (and ethnic peers), occasionally, that nationality and ethnicity are both fluid identities. And, yes, even other latinos/latinas forget about their own diversity, but it’s particularly prevalent in the dominant culture, with horrible consequences–which explains Flama’s skit on “Things Black Latinos Are Sick of Hearing.” During the 2016 Golden Globes,…

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Joy Reid Takes Over MSNBC Weekend Slot Previously Held By Melissa Harris-Perry

Last night, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Larry Wilmore observed MSNBC’s lack of diversity by observing how, jokingly, MSNBC “now stands for ‘Missing a Significant Number of Black Correspondents.” I expressed the exact sentiments a few days ago, highlighting the black journalist purge in American media. Melissa, through a direct tweet, responded to Wilmore’s…

Things Fall Apart

A Look Back on The Roots’ “Things Fall Apart”

The Roots have finally transcended beyond being underground hip-hop heroes, or the band that your friend Todd who doesn’t “really like rap” thinks “are frickin’ awesome.” Largely thanks to their fantastic nightly performances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, they’ve become a household name in homes across the nation full of folks who know nothing about…

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#BlackLivesMatter: The Ambiguous Commission On African-American Males

Art work credited to Michael White *This is part of a series showing support to the Movement for Black Lives, which consist of various activist groups & organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, actively fighting for black liberation and social mobility. We give thanks to Dream Defenders, Race Forward, Black Youth Project 100, Blackbird, Million Hoodies, OBS: the Organization for Black Struggle, Ferguson Action,…

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