A Look Back on The Roots’ “Things Fall Apart”

The Roots have finally transcended beyond being underground hip-hop heroes, or the band that your friend Todd who doesn’t “really like rap” thinks “are frickin’ awesome.” Largely thanks to their fantastic nightly performances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, they’ve become a household name in homes across the nation full of folks who know nothing about…

Hillary Clinton “Panda” Parody – “Pander”

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been pandering to minorities like no other on her campaign trail. Recently, she sat down for an interview with famous hip-hop morning show hosts The Breakfast Club, just as opponent Bernie Sanders did before her. However, Hillary’s interview didn’t go over as smoothly to the show’s audience. When asked…


Jesse Boykins Gets Intimate With His Core Fans

Chi-town native Jesse Boykins oozes soul from the groovy, organic sound of his music to his “throwback” 60’s-styled wardrobe to the way he moves on stage. I’m admittedly not very familiar with his catalog, but I’ve heard way too many good things about Boykins’ work not attend his headlining Heineken-sponsored show at the intimate Philly club, Silk City. I’d…

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