“Under the Influence” Explores Early Hip Hop Contributions in the UK

We’re two nations divided by a common Hip Hop language; UK’s slangs, accents, speech patterns, and pop culture references are still uncommon to the average American ear. I got my first experience of UK Hip Hop during my 2002 visit to Wimbledon. Yep. Wimbledon! A few black kids were freestyling in the park. I realized,…

100 Years of Korean Beauty Shows the Politics of Division in One Minute

A few months ago, we explored body image in the Asian community. Julianna Haahs’s story was a piercing indictment on the unrealistic Korean beauty standards; and our exclusive interview with Korea’s first plus-size model demonstrated the evolution of social and personal acceptance. The perception of beauty is often times defined by cultural boundaries. But what does beauty…


Dear America, We’re Not Invisible Anymore: “When I See Them I See Us”

The driving force behind the American Dream has always been about silencing the disposable bodies hidden underground, the invisible characters– simply as a result of the refusal of others to see them. The Dream requires one group to stay asleep, while the other stays awake. For too long, oppressed minorities in our country were asleep, segregated from their innate sense…

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