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“Under the Influence” Explores Early Hip Hop Contributions in the UK

We’re two nations divided by a common Hip Hop language; UK’s slangs, accents, speech patterns, and pop culture references are still uncommon to the average American ear. I got my first experience of UK Hip Hop during my 2002 visit to Wimbledon. Yep. Wimbledon! A few black kids were freestyling in the park. I realized,…

Voss’ “Insatiable” Release Show Video Recap

Our own staff member Voss (or as we know him, Mike Voss) played one of the most important shows of his music career last month, celebrating the release of his debut album Insatiable at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. We’ve already covered the show with words and pictures, but now a gorgeous, roughly 10 minute recap…


Rap Music’s Forbidden Fruit: White Emcees & the ‘N-Word’

The N-word. It’s easily the most infamous phrase that’s often substituted with saying the letter it begins with, followed by “word”. More so than any piece of profanity, from ‘fuck’ to ‘cunt’, in the lexicon of the English language. Its history is well-documented, as it’s been completely flipped 180 degrees from a viciously degrading insult towards an…

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