We Spoke to Activist Blog ‘Blogueiras Negras’ About Brazil’s Controversial series ‘Sexo e as Negas’

Not too long ago, we covered Brazil’s controversial series Sexo e as Negas (translation: Sex and the Niggas) which has sparked outrage among people of color in Brazil. The show, supposedly an adaptation of Sex and the City, has received lots of criticism due to it’s racist title and hyper-sexual depictions of Black women. Among those in the forefront…

A Spoken Word Piece About the Language Barrier: “Maybe Asians are Known to be Good at Math Because That’s the Only Homework Our Parents Could Help us With”

Being the first generation born to immigrant parents in America is a singular experience for numerous reasons. Immigrants purposely detached themselves from the comforts of a country that housed their history and heritage, as well as their personal upbringing, to be tossed into a foreign land that sang promises of freedom and a home for the brave. However, in America, that…

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This Video Shows How South Korea Reacted to Hiphop Infecting its Youth in 1998

.1998년 대한민국 힙합 – 1편추억자료는 –> 시간여행자 Posted by 시간여행자 on Monday, February 1, 2016 The diaspora of the Hiphop culture spread quickly and efficiently throughout the world as soon as it became accessible to the eyes and souls of the youth. It became the language that young people speak, which created a barrier between them and the…

TeamBackPack Español Put These Emcees Over Live MPCs

Put five producers (FelaBeats, Oka Miles, TianBeats, Dj Drako Zeack, its MPC) and five emcees (Indee Styla, Lauryn Nine, Marga Mbande, Talya, Kyne and Zeidah) from Latin America together for a live produced performance, and the video at the top is what you get. TeamBackPack is a platform receiving a lot of attention for keeping…

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