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Dr. Umar Johnson Interview with The Breakfast Club

  Earlier this week,  author, psychologist and “The Prince of Pan-Africanism, Dr. Umar Johnson joined The Breakfast club for one of the most culturally relevant chats in some time. Being one of the most popular morning shows in the nation, The Breakfast Club’s guests normally consist of urban music’s best and black Hollywood brightest, which…


Criminals For Hire

We all know or at least have heard about the problems that plague the “inner city negro”. From sunrise to sunset, news seekers get on-site correspondence across various media about the plight of poor folks. Those unprivileged, unfortunate bastards who live on or beneath the margins and the pits they attempt to exist in, including drugs, crime,…

Watch These Guys Attend a Trump Rally to be Greeted With “This is Our Time. We Didn’t Invite You.”

Donald J. Trump’s name has been both exalted and dragged through the mud. In popular culture today, it’s tough to think of anyone more polarizing. Personally, it has been hard to gauge how the election year will pan out because everything in politics recently seems so binary, which can be problematic. However, being a minority millennial, I…


A Russian Man Faces a Year in Jail For Saying God Doesn’t Exist on Social Media

Russian punk band Pussy Riot performed a song that criticized Vladimir Putin in a Catholic Cathedral back in 2012 and instantly became martyrs in the name of free speech and democracy as they were jailed for “offending believer’s feelings,” which became an actual enforced law in Russia after that specific incident. Viktor Krasnov is now being persecuted…

White Privilege Is Not A Myth

A very popular “buzz” term in media these days is “white privilege”. From being used in discussions about the numerous instances of police brutality against minorities to the titles of rap songs (read my write up on that here), those two words are seemingly everywhere. White. Privilege. White (adjective) \ˈhwīt, ˈwīt\: of or relating to a race of…

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Flint to Beijing: The Bottom Line is Causing World Health to Bottom Out

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has now apologized for his gross mis-handling of the water contamination crisis in Flint, one of the poorest cities in the United States. There is absolutely no justification for this lack of care when it comes to something as important and inarguably necessary as clean water, and Snyder’s reasoning of saving a few bucks…

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