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Chops Paved the Way for Asian-American Hiphop Before That Was a Thing

I’ve ran into Chops at a variety of functions in recent years; they range from shows where I was performing to parties that he was DJing; from local arts initiatives focused on creating platforms for the unseen to be seen, to dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, where he’s enjoying quality time with his family. Where ever it may be, whenever I find myself…

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‘A Weekend With The Family’ Needs to Spend a Real Weekend With a Real Asian-American Family

#OscarsSoWhite vilified Hollywood for its historical disproportionate affinity for white actors and films that equally lack diverse characters as well as diverse narratives. The Oscar is cemented as the pinnacle award when it comes to film and in its 87 years of vindicating artists in the medium, 2,947 of the golden guys have been awarded and 35…

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This Video Shows How South Korea Reacted to Hiphop Infecting its Youth in 1998

.1998년 대한민국 힙합 – 1편추억자료는 –> 시간여행자 Posted by 시간여행자 on Monday, February 1, 2016 The diaspora of the Hiphop culture spread quickly and efficiently throughout the world as soon as it became accessible to the eyes and souls of the youth. It became the language that young people speak, which created a barrier between them and the…

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Flint to Beijing: The Bottom Line is Causing World Health to Bottom Out

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has now apologized for his gross mis-handling of the water contamination crisis in Flint, one of the poorest cities in the United States. There is absolutely no justification for this lack of care when it comes to something as important and inarguably necessary as clean water, and Snyder’s reasoning of saving a few bucks…

Snootie Wild Shares His Experience Performing in Seoul, South Korea

Snootie Wild made his way to the Asian metropolitan city of Seoul, South Korea to perform his ever growing catalogue of hits at Club Lux, located in the Hongdae district. The “Yayo” rapper has transitioned from “that guy with a song on the radio” to a certified international superstar with flocks of fans reciting the…

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