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100 Years of Korean Beauty Shows the Politics of Division in One Minute

A few months ago, we explored body image in the Asian community. Julianna Haahs’s story was a piercing indictment on the unrealistic Korean beauty standards; and our exclusive interview with Korea’s first plus-size model demonstrated the evolution of social and personal acceptance. The perception of beauty is often times defined by cultural boundaries. But what does beauty…

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Chops Paved the Way for Asian-American Hiphop Before That Was a Thing

I’ve ran into Chops at a variety of functions in recent years; they range from shows where I was performing to parties that he was DJing; from local arts initiatives focused on creating platforms for the unseen to be seen, to dim sum restaurants in Chinatown, where he’s enjoying quality time with his family. Where ever it may be, whenever I find myself…

A Spoken Word Piece About the Language Barrier: “Maybe Asians are Known to be Good at Math Because That’s the Only Homework Our Parents Could Help us With”

Being the first generation born to immigrant parents in America is a singular experience for numerous reasons. Immigrants purposely detached themselves from the comforts of a country that housed their history and heritage, as well as their personal upbringing, to be tossed into a foreign land that sang promises of freedom and a home for the brave. However, in America, that…


Diaspora Through Dining: The Black & Asian Experience

Wilkine Brutus (Haitian-American) and Danny Chung (Korean-American) explore their immigrant backgrounds, identity politics, Hip Hop, and the cross-cultural hardships of American assimilation in the Black and Asian community. In this first video, Chung invites Brutus to Jonro, a Korean restaurant in the heart of Koreatown, NYC, to break bread and explore their commonality. We’ve teamed up with Ebony…

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‘A Weekend With The Family’ Needs to Spend a Real Weekend With a Real Asian-American Family

#OscarsSoWhite vilified Hollywood for its historical disproportionate affinity for white actors and films that equally lack diverse characters as well as diverse narratives. The Oscar is cemented as the pinnacle award when it comes to film and in its 87 years of vindicating artists in the medium, 2,947 of the golden guys have been awarded and 35…

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