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“Under the Influence” Explores Early Hip Hop Contributions in the UK

We’re two nations divided by a common Hip Hop language; UK’s slangs, accents, speech patterns, and pop culture references are still uncommon to the average American ear. I got my first experience of UK Hip Hop during my 2002 visit to Wimbledon. Yep. Wimbledon! A few black kids were freestyling in the park. I realized,…


A Conversation with Benson Lee, Director of “Seoul Searching”

First and second-generation Korean-Americans stormed through Seoul’s Gimpo Airport in 1986, wearing their multidimensional identities on their sleeves. This is the opening montage scene in Seoul Searching, a film that brilliantly captures a group of inquisitive teens preparing to reconnect with their roots and challenge their personal, social, and cultural identities in Seoul, South Korea. The film is inspired by…

Pan Nalin black and white revised

On the Streets of TIFF 2015

We continue our post coverage of TIFF by taking it directly to the streets. Rain didn’t stop film aficionados from enjoying the scene and it didn’t stop the actors and filmmakers either. We interviewed Pan Nalin, a great filmmaker best known for the film Samsara, a critically acclaimed film about love and spiritual enlightenment.  Nalin discussed film’s impact on…

Cameron Bailey

A Conversation with Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival

If music captures the human spirit, then film certainly captures the human condition. In both art mediums, intuition molds the creative process. The film curation process works in the same way. Cameron Bailey, Canadian film critic and Toronto International Film Festival’s artistic director, is making sure that the 40th edition of TIFF maintains its place…

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