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More Rappers We Want To See Diss Trump

Pittsburgh-born rapper Mac Miller had a breakout hit in 2011 with a banger entitled “Donald Trump”; you’ve probably heard it. It’s a fun little ditty about the traditional rapper come up, with Mac aspiring to “take over the world on when I’m on my Donald Trump shit” by going from rags to riches (just without…


“Biters” In Hip-Hop: Guilty or Innocent?

Plagiarism is frowned upon in any art form, from painting to the written word. In hip-hop culture, a society known for inventing slang terms, plagiarizing is commonly known as ‘biting’; and there’s not much worse than an unoriginal ‘biter’, especially when it comes to emceeing. Throughout the history of the art of rapping, emcees have been compared…

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