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This Video Shows How South Korea Reacted to Hiphop Infecting its Youth in 1998

.1998년 대한민국 힙합 – 1편추억자료는 –> 시간여행자 Posted by 시간여행자 on Monday, February 1, 2016 The diaspora of the Hiphop culture spread quickly and efficiently throughout the world as soon as it became accessible to the eyes and souls of the youth. It became the language that young people speak, which created a barrier between them and the…

Dumbfoundead Mixes Korean and English Rap on New Track ‘Mijangwon 미장원’

The Los Angeles rapper borrows the talents of fellow Koreatown residents Loopy and Nafla and navigate the language barrier between English and Korean with the vehicle of great fucking music. Loopy and Nafla are relatively new the scene but are quickly rising up that ladder and becoming more visible due to their tenacity and raw…

South Korea’s JayAllDay Drops a Video for New Banger ‘Sirens’

The Korean trap rapper, who goes by name JayAllDay, got his first major push into the music scene through the internet cult classic “It G Ma.” My man comes back with a vengeance with another record entitled “Sirens,” which is, again, inspired by the sound of today and supported by his vocals– reminiscent of Father‘s…


A Conversation with Benson Lee, Director of “Seoul Searching”

First and second-generation Korean-Americans stormed through Seoul’s Gimpo Airport in 1986, wearing their multidimensional identities on their sleeves. This is the opening montage scene in Seoul Searching, a film that brilliantly captures a group of inquisitive teens preparing to reconnect with their roots and challenge their personal, social, and cultural identities in Seoul, South Korea. The film is inspired by…

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