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A Fan’s Eye View: Roots Picnic

She had a hard time pronouncing my name. “It’s Wilkine Brutus,” I told her. We’re at the Roots festival right now, lavishing in vitamin D, perusing through an eclectic community of music lovers and dancing, like an endless spiritual ceremony. We were complete strangers. But it didn’t matter. Music is the world’s oldest religion and…


Lauryn’s Miseducation

It seems like someone does this shit once a year. That scrutinizing yet fair piece that’s written after Lauryn Hill does something crazy. Next are the scores of adoring fans who’ll remember a single body of work from last century, take up arms, and defend her brand of insanity using her supposed shield of legendary status….


Wilkine Brutus Discuss “Be Alright” Scholarship on the Karen Hunter Show (SiriusXM)

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and bestselling author/publisher Karen Hunter invited OogeeWoogee on her SiriusXM show a few months ago. We were extremely honored to be invited on a show that advocates social and economic empowerment. We discussed our “Be Alright” College Scholarship which made the headlines at the time. The show producers were allowed to share…

Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal Played with Traditional Japanese Instruments

Michael Jackson was and forever will be special. His talent and charisma knew no limits of language, culture, or color. No matter what corner of the globe you landed on, when Michael Jackson was in town, somebody was fainting. Even though Michael died six years ago (which still seems surreal) his legacy remains relevant as…

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