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Unpretty Rapstar’s Jessi Drops New Song/Video “쎈언니 (SSENUNNI)”

Hiphop has traditionally been a male dominated industry and even in today’s more progressive mindset, it is still an uphill climb for an artist of the female gender to get the respect she may deserve. Combine that with the uber patriarchal societal norms of Asia and hope almost seems lost for an female Asian rapper. And…

Tablo of Epik High Collaborates with Joey Bada$$ to Bring us “Hood”

Korean rapper Tablo of Hiphop/pop collective Epik High is on his comeback wave and for his first single, he’s called upon the talents of Pro Era rapper Joey Bada$$. Joey has been credited for bringing that 90’s boombap swagger into the new millennium while still keeping things fresh. Tablo has been seen in Korea as more…

LYRICKS – “CAN’T BREATHE” Is A Powerful Song Dedicated to Eric Garner, One year After His Death

“Good cops do exist but bad ones keep bringing it down/ I mean the whole band could be playing perfect pitch but one bad note fucks up the sound/” -Lyricks Lyricks, through his introspective music, is known for his thought-provoking insights on the human condition; his recent “Can’t Breathe” video collaboration with NOLEDGE PRODUCTIONS, shot…


Watch: New York Rapper Rekstizzy Eats Philly

[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″ video_id=”zPrbN6eraJg”] Rekstizzy made his way from Queens, NY to Philadelphia this past weekend to do some recording and we got a chance to catch up with him. During our conversation we realized he’s been to Philly before but has never experienced the staples that make Philadelphia, Philadelphia. I know what you’re thinking… cheesesteaks….

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