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Mic Stew & Reef the Lost Cauze – “Kill ‘Em All” Music Video

Philadelphia MC Mic Stew has laid relatively low for a while now, working on his next album and doing his share of ghostwriting. But the 26-year-old spitter has now remerged with a simple little banger of a track called “Kill ‘Em All”, produced by longtime collaborator SAMlive and featuring Philly hip-hop legend Reef the Lost Cauze. SAMlive’s…


Bryson Tiller Fuses ‘Trap’ and ‘Soul’ On Stage

To many, it seems as though R&B/hip-hop sensation Bryson Tiller blew up out of nowhere, catapulted by smash single “Don’t” and his TRAPSOUL project. But the 23-year-old singer and sometime rapper has actually been grinding for years before Drake cosigned him. They say there’s no such thing as a true ‘overnight success’, and Tiller is a testament…


A Quick Walk and Talk With Curren$y

“You’ve got 7 minutes…or as long as it takes for Curren$y to walk to his car,” a manager says to me and another reporter as Curren$y’s entourage starts to emerge from his dressing room. Shit. As I quickly begin to condense 30 minutes worth of interview questions into seven, a smiling Curren$y appears in the…

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