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Hillary Clinton “Panda” Parody – “Pander”

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been pandering to minorities like no other on her campaign trail. Recently, she sat down for an interview with famous hip-hop morning show hosts The Breakfast Club, just as opponent Bernie Sanders did before her. However, Hillary’s interview didn’t go over as smoothly to the show’s audience. When asked…


How Fracking Could Have Prevented 9/11

The German government has agreed in principal to put a ban on fracking, following France in their decision to ban the controversial practice. Fracking has been the source of debates domestic and international. Does it hurt the environment? Is it an economically advantageous process? Either way, fracking begets fuel, and that can cause some big…


Want To Know What Trump’s Presidency Will Be Like? Look At Italy

Before there was a real-estate-magnate-turned-TV-star angling to be the leader of the United States, a real-estate-magnate-turned-TV-star really was the leader of Italy. In 1994, Silvio Berlusconi was elected Prime Minister of Italy, after he appealed to a fed-up country by promising to shake up the political field. Sound familiar? He entered the the campaign on a conservative leaning upstart ticket…

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