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Diaspora Through Dining: Black & Asian Experience (part 2 of 2)

See the First Episode: Here Wilkine Brutus (Haitian-American) and Danny Chung (Korean-American) explore their immigrant backgrounds, identity politics, Hip Hop, and the cross-cultural hardships of American assimilation in the Black and Asian community. In the second episode, Brutus invites Chung to La Caye, a Haitian restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, to break bread…

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Flint to Beijing: The Bottom Line is Causing World Health to Bottom Out

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has now apologized for his gross mis-handling of the water contamination crisis in Flint, one of the poorest cities in the United States. There is absolutely no justification for this lack of care when it comes to something as important and inarguably necessary as clean water, and Snyder’s reasoning of saving a few bucks…

Alysia Harris – “Cab Rides and the Morning After”

“I plan to be a sinner tonight, could have been something else but looked way to good in my red dress to be anything Christian.” – Alysia Harris In this emotional, introspection poem, Alysia Harris explores faith, womanhood, and sexuality during a trip to Turkey. She forces the listeners to reexamine her multi-layered experience. Stivers Row originally published…

Snootie Wild Shares His Experience Performing in Seoul, South Korea

Snootie Wild made his way to the Asian metropolitan city of Seoul, South Korea to perform his ever growing catalogue of hits at Club Lux, located in the Hongdae district. The “Yayo” rapper has transitioned from “that guy with a song on the radio” to a certified international superstar with flocks of fans reciting the…


6 Questions with Ladies of the 6ix

We continue our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival by interviewing “Ladies of the 6ix,” a few young Canadian professionals navigating Toronto’s diverse cultural environment: Abeer, Natasha, Yolanda, and Sharob. We explored the differences between American and Canadian social perceptions, the mental process of race and nationality, Toronto slang, regional differences, dating, and the…

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(Part 1) In part 2 of our discussion with Professor Sujatha Fernandes (Dept. of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center), we discussed USAID failed infiltration into Cuban Hip-Hop, the social relevancy of hardcore political Cuban rap, the impact of digital technology on music, Cuban’s traditional shift from the stage of hip-hop imitation, the Black August…

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