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Broken Politics

Last week, some of the Unites States most conservative delegates joined up in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. False narratives, race baiting and fear mongering where the rule of the week and everyone who spoke during the extravaganza made sure they were on the same accord. First off, I have to say that Cleveland was a strange…


Making a Murderer

“Just bc you wake up every morning doesn’t mean that you’re living…And just because you shed your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re dead.” These are the chilling words that Gavin Long wrote on his Twitter page mere hours before he killed three Baton Rouge police officers and wounded three more in a shootout with…


Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before

Last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, former model and current trophy wife Melania Trump gave a speech that we’ve all heard before; literally. Over the course of her 17-minute oration, Mrs. Trump “coincidentally” used pieces from a Michelle Obama speech in 2008 almost word for word. Let’s be clear, Mrs. Obama’s discourse wasn’t plagiarized…


Monkey Business

Just for starters, yes I know. Harambe was not a monkey, he was a gorilla. Which technically classifies him as an ape but I needed something to get you here. Be that as it may, it’s been extremely difficult to avoid the coverage from Saturdays incident that ended with him dead after a child climbed into a gorilla…


Roots 2.0

So, last night while channel surfing, I found my self stuck on something I swore to Black Jesus I wouldn’t watch. Let’s start from the beginning. Over the last few weeks, thru radio, TV, and the internet I’ve noticed numerous ads for the rebooted show Roots, based off of Alex Haley’s epic novel in 1976…

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