Unpretty Rapstar’s Jessi Drops New Song/Video “쎈언니 (SSENUNNI)”

Hiphop has traditionally been a male dominated industry and even in today’s more progressive mindset, it is still an uphill climb for an artist of the female gender to get the respect she may deserve. Combine that with the uber patriarchal societal norms of Asia and hope almost seems lost for an female Asian rapper. And then comes Jessi.

Jessi fought for years to earn a spot in Korea’s music industry but timing is everything and now it seems that they might be ready. Jessi has just released her new song and video for her single “Ssenunni” where she takes on a Rowdy Ronda Rousey persona where she dominates a male contender in an MMA ring.

Jessi has always had an aggressive demeanor to her character and Unpretty Rapstar was the perfect platform for that and she brings that same attitude in her music, which may give feminism a much needed push in Asian countries such as South Korea.

She may not even realize it herself but she’s leading a much needed charge right now. Do your thing, Jessi.


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